ALI is coming

I did EUROCOMICS for quite some time now, almost 14 years.
Launch many books under the sun of France, Belgium and even some in Spain, Mexico, Greece and Italia. But In US, i've never seen it so organised. Most of the time in France, when you tell people you have a new book, nobody talk about it before the day it touch the shops. In US, just after it was shown among the sollicitations of October by DARK HORSE, we had almost a dozen of articles on the net from US,  but also Brazil and Indonesia to England, showing a real envy to read our book.
Oh man, i love my job...

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Muhammad Ali HC

Sybille Titeux (W) and Amazing Ameziane (A/Cover)

128 pages - $19.99 - HC, 6” x 9” - On sale Oct 26
Supplier Code : AUG160036