As soon as i read "THE INSTRUMENT" written by DENNY O'NEIL, i did search rednecks images.
DENNY wanted a special kind of redneck even if never wrote that word. He described a particular fellow from his stand to his voice... and in this case the LETTERING, which he wanted me to do by hand. I didn't that for a good decade but have a try at a "WILL EISNER STYLE LETTERING" was too good to pass. And i had a blast doing it.

Will Eisner lettering

My type of lettering and the title typographic frenzy...

My bunch of Rednecks

and no redneck would go outside without their famous redcap.
and as soon as i had my favorite redneck casting over,
i jump on the layout part, which is the funniest part of each book.

THE INSTRUMENT - page 1 & 2

 I'm participating to "MINE" the fabulous COMICS ANTHOLOGY to get funds for the PLANNED PARENTHOOD, which is my favorite hood. 180 pages of pure Comics for a great cause.

Here a preview of the two first pages (after it's spoiler alert) of the story written by the great DENNY O'NEIL.

[sketch / Black & White / Colors]

Atelier des Gueules Cassées - 1