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ATTICA graphic Novel

Yesterday (september 13) was the 46th anniversary of the UPRISING OF ATTICA.
For few months, i've worked (among many others things) on a graphic novel retelling what really happened in ATTICA. The Writer JARED REINMUTH has wrote a screenplay with FRANK -BIG BLACK - SMITH (you can't missed him, it's the BIG MAN "BB" on the famous shot of the ATTICA).

BIG BLACK was an inmate and the head of security during the UPRISING, he was also brutally tortured by the guards and state troopers in the aftermath of the attack. After he finished his time he still had a beef with Govenor Rockefeller and he sued. That trial took almost three decades, but he had the neck of Rockefeller, first, and he ruined his chances of getting elected POTUS.

But the movie was never made. And this great story HAD to be told, and i was asked to make it in flat pictures in a fat book. My job was to make it, as good, or even better than the MUHAMMAD ALI biopic i did with Sybille Titeux De La Croix.

I fell in love for this story, the theme first stroke me, but also the beauty of the words. Why use 10 words when you can use the right one, right away. The script was tight and beautiful. Right now we are almost at the half of this 120 to 130 pages graphic novel and it will be finished before the end of 2017.
We don't have an editor yet, but we are confident in the quality of our book. And this story had to be told. I will show you few pages and post some news about it... on a regular basis.

The title of the book is "BIG BLACK : STAND AT ATTICA"

My email is zeroomstudio[at]gmail[dot]com if you want some infos or more.
>>>> here you have my version of the famous shot 
of the negociation table in the D YARD at ATTICA, 
where the inmates, perfectly organised, 
try to gain some kind of basic human rights for them 
and all the others inmates in United States.

>>>> The first page of our book.

>>>> The famous phrase who resonate in American History.

>>>> BIG BLACK passed away in 2004,
but his life is and will be an example for us all. Respect.

 It's official i'm participating to "MINE" the fabulous COMICS ANTHOLOGY to get funds for the PLANNED PARENTHOOD, which is my favorite hood. 180 pages of pure Comics for a great cause.

 I received my script today and i was thrilled to read the name of the writer : DENNY O'NEIL.

Here the loooooooong list of the writers and artists who will illuminate those pages and make your wallets smile for the PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Beware that list is just the Who's Who of Comics :

    •    Neil Gaiman & Mark Wheatley
    •    Jill Thompson
    •    John Workman
    •    Gerard Way & Becky Cloonan
    •    Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman
    •    Gabby Rivera & Brittney Williams
    •    Gail Simone & Leonie O'Moore
    •    G.D. Falksen & Marc Hempel
    •    Andrew Aydin & Jamaica Dyer
    •    John Ostrander & Mary Mitchell
    •    Mike Gold & Mike Grell
    •    Devin Grayson & Eugenia Koumaki
    •    Barbara Kesel & Tony Fleecs
    •    Trina Robbins & Richard Case
    •    Yuri Lowenthal & Mark Sexton
    •    Michael Moreci & Danny Luckert
    •    Frank Conniff & Marguerite Dabaie
    •    Josh Trujillo & Maia Kobabe
    •    Mark Waid & John Broglia
    •    Paul Levitz & Joe Staton
    •    Pat Shand & Liana Kangas
    •    Glenn Greenberg & Nick Guarracino
    •    Amber Benson, Sarah Kuhn & Sina Grace
    •    Rachel Pollack & Fyodor Pavlov
    •    Stuart Moore & June Brigman
    •    Tee Franklin & Fabian Lelay
    •    Yona Harvey & Alitha E. Martinez
    •    Matt Miner & Eryk Donovan
    •    Mara Wilson & Rebekah Isaacs
    •    Mags Visaggio & Bryan Talbot
    •    Louise Simonson & Tommy Lee Edwards
    •    Ann Nocenti & Natacha Bustos
    •    Mindy Newell & Andrea Shockling
    •    Martha Thomases & Bob Camp
    •    Jody Houser & Sean Von Gorman
    •    Aria Baci & Marian Churchland
    •    Keith DeCandido & Tom Daly
    •    Richard Bruning & Mike Norton
    •    Leah Garrett, Barbara Haspiel, & Dean Haspiel
    •    October Crifasi, James Romberger, & Marguerite Van Cook
    •    Casey Gilly & Jen Hickman
    •    Vito Delsante & Cara McGee
    •    Dave Kelly & Lara Antal
    •    Jamal Igle & Catrina Brighton
    •    Amy Shand & Emily Pearson
    •    Josh Olson & Jon Cairns
    •    Brian Azzarello & Cliff Chiang
    •    Caitlin R Kiernan & Liana Buszka
    •    Lilah Sturges & Sfe Monster
    •    Rachel Rear & Phil Foglio
    •    Michael Davis
    •    Jude Vigants
    •    Lawrence Gullo
    •    Joe Illidge & Will Rosado
    •    Marc Alan Fishman
    •    Eric Shanower
    •    Robert Greenberger
    •    Sarah Winifred Searle
    •    Blue Delliquanti
    •    Jen Vaughn
    •    Jason Yungbluth
    •    Megan Rose Gedris
    •    Anne Toole & Lea Hernandez
    •    Marc Andreyko & Tana Ford
    •    Eric Palicki & Devaki Neogi
    •    Kelsey Hercs & Jessi Jordan
    •    Adam McGovern & Diana Leto
    •    Vita Ayala & Phillip Sevy
    •    Kyra Sims & Rob Jones
    •    Hannibal Tabu & Quinn McGowan
    •    Lauren Sisselman & Lar DeSouza
    •    Denny O'Neil & Ameziane <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< i know this guy :)
    •    Steve Roggenbuck & Matthew Kaplowitz
    •    Niki Smith
    •    Kyle Baker
    •    Sonya Saturday
    •    Justin Hall
    •    Micha Cruz
    •    Cecil Castellucci & Scott Chantler
    •    Beth Rimmels & Paulina Vassileva
    •    Shannon Wheeler
    •    Anna Bayla
    •    Robert Triptow
    •    Howard Cruse
    •    Alexa Cassaro
    •    Stevie WIlson
    •    Kelly Fernandez
    •    Soo Lee
    •    Kristina Stipetic
    •    Madeline Zuluaga


MUHAMMAD ALI is published in TURKEY by Karakarga Publishing.


©Miller/Gibbons- Dark Horse





L’histoire se passe au Mexique en 1911 en fin de dictature de Porfirio Diaz, 
dans le petit village de Tetecala dans la région de Morelos, non loin de Mexico.
Cette famille vit dans une dynamique traditionnelle : les hommes sont machos
et les femmes s’attèlent aux tâches ménagères ainsi qu’à l’éducation des enfants…
mais plus pour très longtemps.

Portées par le vent nouveau de révolution qui approche, les trois sœurs
Delfina, Pandora et Maria prennent les choses en main et décident
de remplacer leurs maris lors de braquages de banques.
Avides de sensations fortes, elles manieront l’art du déguisement,
apprendront à tirer, et trouveront grâce à leurs voisines alibis et cachettes.
Les hommes de la famille ont bien du souci à se faire !


Caractéristiques techniques

  • Date de parution 11 Janvier 2017
  • ISBN 9782822215954
  • Format 225 x 310 mm
  • Pages 48
  • Prix 10,60€

TEASER 2017-2018

TEASER for the books i work on or the ones i will for 2017/2018.


HAPPY 2017

ALI - Artist Commentary

I made this little Artist Commentary if you are curious on how i made the visuals of "MUHAMMAD ALI", i love to read those from my fellow collegues so i try to make one i wanted to see, hope you like it.



"MUHAMMAD ALI" is for the second time
among the Best Sellers in the list of the New York Times, at the 8th place, yeah !!