CLAN at Europecomics

CLAN, my beloved YAKUZA COMICS is available in english on the site EUROPECOMICS

CLAN is second book available for the english readers but it hasn't a print editor yet.

Clan (pitch)

Saburo is an ambitious young yakuza who provokes a war between rival factions in an attempt to overthrow the Oyabun Kodama, Tokyo’s gang boss. But the sly old devil won’t give up without a fight! Hoping to have Saburo killed, he orders Shi’s release from prison, something the old blind warrior has been waiting thirty years for. Thirty years cut off from the rest of the world, unaware of the betrayal that sealed his fate. Sometimes, all that separates family and business is the width of a blade…

CLAN is my love story to Japanese Cinema, and specially ZATOICHI, KUROSAWA and KITANO.

 YOU can have an english PREVIEW here->

-> Here i can show you few pages (but i haven't the english files sorry ^^)